The Forester Gives a Food To Starving Female Wolf and Two Months Later Three Wolves Come to Thank Him

A forester came upon a female wolf that was on the risk of passing out on a frigid winter day. Finding food in the forest in the winter is a tremendous challenge, so the poor animal, who was already desperate, decided there was nothing to lose and approached the cabin.

The forester called Styopa was initially terrified, but he eventually felt sorry for the wolf and offered her some meat to eat. He understood better than anybody how difficult it is to get food in the woods during the winter.

The wolf returned a few more times, and the villagers were alarmed when they discovered Stepan had decided to feed the animal. They were afraid she would take their animals, but an experienced forester warned that if the animal stayed hungry, it would be far more dangerous, not only for the livestock but also for the residents of nearby villages.

The wolf stopped appearing with the arrival of spring, but the forester had become accustomed to her. There was already plenty of food with the arrival of the warm season. People in the villages began to calm down, but the forester was upset since he had already been attached to his friend.

By the end of April, the wolf had returned to see him; however, this time she did not appear alone, but with her cubs. She not only ate meat, but she also fed her wolf cubs, the forester discovered. The predators’ eyes lit up with gratitude, and he never saw his wild wolf companion again.

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