The Hilarious Dance Video of Sprightly Nuns at an Irish Monastery Goes Viral. Check It Out Here.


When we typically think of nuns, the image that comes to mind often involves prayer or acts of service. However, a recent viral video featuring the nuns from The Most Holy Redeemer, also known as the Redemptoristines, has given us a fresh perspective on these dedicated women.

The viral sensation revolves around what’s known as the Jerusalem Dance Challenge, initiated by a priest and brother within their congregation. The nuns enthusiastically embraced this challenge, showcasing their graceful moves at a time when such moments of joy were greatly needed.

Throughout the challenging period of the pandemic, these devout servants of God brought happiness to many through their online presence. It’s worth noting that the initial spark for the dance challenge came from the Angolan group, Fenónenos do Semba, who danced to gospel music. The trend quickly gained momentum, capturing the hearts of countless viewers.

This creative approach to prayer is both inspiring and heartwarming, offering a unique perspective on the spiritual journey of these nuns. To witness the full video and share your thoughts, we invite you to watch it below and drop us a comment on Facebook. It’s a testament to the power of unity and creativity in spreading positivity during challenging times.

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