The Lexus LFA supercar is coming back, but not like you remember

Lexus LFA supercar-1
Image: Lexus

The most exciting, best-sounding Japanese car ever – the LFA – is coming back in electric form as Lexus, the company that built it, confirms it is going to be making nothing but battery-powered cars by 2035.

When the LFA was introduced in 2010, eyebrows were raised because it was a Lexus supercar – which sounded like a contradiction back then.

It was powered by a V10 and priced at $375,000.

Some criticised the looks but everybody loved the 4.8-litre, 553-hp V10 engine, mainly because of the amazing sound.

So to some, it might come as bad news that the next LFA, due for launch in 2030, will be silent.

A few months ago, Lexus and Toyota jointly revealed a plethora of concept cars and one of those anticipates the LFA.

In fact, for the first time since 2010, Lexus openly talked about the future of the LFA and described the concept that will herald the arrival of the second-gen LFA as a “a battery-EV sports car which inherits the driving taste, or the ‘secret sauce’, of the performance cultivated via the development of the LFA”.

The production version will probably be front-engined and rear-wheel-drive, even though both concepts are fluid when it comes to electric cars, and that’s just about all we know.

I’m excited for the new LFA and I’ve got nothing against Evs but, like I said, the LFA was admired and worshipped because of the engine noise and that, in an EV, is just not a factor at all.

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