The Lump on Her Foot: A Difficult Journey of Ignorance and Strength

Cheryl Murray, then just fifteen years old, became aware of a tiny lump developing on her leg. She dismissed it, though, as many kids do, believing it couldn’t be anything serious. She had no idea how this choice would affect her life in the long run.

The lump grew larger throughout the years, eventually taking on the size of a golf ball. Cheryl’s first boyfriend started to wonder about it and got worried. She told a falsehood when he asked her about the strange growth on her foot. Still, she understood deep down that it was time to accept reality.

With the resolute backing of her fiance, Cheryl eventually found the bravery to see a physician. A battery of tests followed the hospital appointment, and the outcomes were catastrophic. Unbeknownst to her, Cheryl had been fighting sarcoma, a rare kind of cancer. She describes the moment she learned the devastating news, saying, “I never thought it could be too serious,” in her own words. I broke out in tears when I realized. I was speechless for a moment because I was so shocked.

Unfortunately, the condition had advanced to the point where amputation below the knee was the only viable course of action. Throughout the difficult and transformative decision, Cheryl’s boyfriend supported her no matter what. He even made her a proposal prior to the amputation, expressing his undying love and dedication to accompanying her on this trying path.

Cheryl now uses a prosthetic limb to assist her go around. She says she has no regrets about not getting help sooner, even with all the struggles she has gone through. Why? because she has discovered happiness, foot or not.

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