The mother gave birth to twins, but from the hospital, she only took one of them. Six years later, something unexpected happened that no one could anticipate.


Enola gave birth to two stunning twin daughters yesterday who are identical to two peas in a pod. Given their good health, the newborn girls didn’t need to stay in the hospital for long; their discharge was set for the next day. As it turned out, the mother of the twins was only interested in taking one of them home. She insisted on her choice despite hospital personnel advice to not separate the twins.

Why do I require them both? I had only thought of one. I could not manage two cribs, so I only purchased one. I’ll only take one,” she insisted. The medical personnel consented to let her leave with one of the babies after being horrified that a mother could be so callous. The infant she brought home had a name. The hospital still housed the other infant girl.

The girls got older as the years went by. They were still unaware of each other’s existence when they were six years old. Due to a lucky happenstance, each of them had been adopted individually and into distinct households. Not that the second girl was adopted, but rather that she was given the same name—Alevita—might surprise you.

One day they occurred to cross paths in the hospital hallway. They initially had no idea what was going on, but they soon began touching one other and were thinking so hard that their thoughts appeared to shine. “Alya?” They both grinned. The other responded, “Alya,” as if to affirm that it was her name. They spent the entire night playing together before dozing off in each other’s arms.

When they understood what had occurred and the twins had been reunited, the hospital staff was astounded as well. They had been reunited by fate at last. One of the girls’ adoptive mother wanted to take her daughter back when their parents came, but when the girl started crying, the mother opted to let them play together. The biological mother just stated, “Well, she’s alive, and it’s clear they love each other,” as she stared at the daughter she had long since abandoned.

Not wanting the sisters to become too close, the adoptive mother took the child from the hospital. The second time her sister had been removed from her, the other Alevtina felt much worse. “Where’s my Alya?” she continued asking as she ran a fever and kept staring at the door. The girl eventually healed, but not before making a pledge to herself to track down her sister.

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