The World Is Shocked By This Mother’s Response To Her Son’s Rock-Throwing At Police


This Mother’s Reaction To Her Son Throwing Rocks At Police Shocked The World

The world is shocked by this mother’s response to her son’s rock-throwing at the police.

Being a good mother—even a terrific mother—doesn’t necessarily entail giving your kids hugs and kisses to show them how much you care. This love is sometimes expressed by enforcing rules and showing your kids what is right and wrong.

In 2015, when unrest in Baltimore’s streets grew, a young man in a mask was among those rioting against the police and hurling rocks at them.

After seeing the disturbance, an unidentified woman nearby quickly closed in on the young man like a heat-seeking missile. She was aware that her kid was wearing the mask, so nothing was hidden from her.

She attempted to remove his mask when she finally got to him. She then began rapping him on the head and lashing him severely with her tongue. She was mortified by his behavior toward the cops, but she also understood it was wrong and that he had been raised better than that.

Baltimore needs more parents like this one, an observer said, not the National Guard.

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