This Cat Constantly Desires to Sleep While Snuggling With His Devoted Human

Noah wanted a kitten to call his own for a long time. When he woke up on Christmas morning two years ago, he could not believe that Santa had given him Sir Meowsalot, which is short for “Meowser.” Noah was just as happy to meet the 2-month-old kitten as the kitten was to meet Noah. Almost as soon as they met, they became best friends for life.

Ashley Crow, who is the mother of both Noah and Meowser, told The Dodo that her son Noah and Meowser got along right away. You could not split them up.


Nothing has changed in more than a year. Noah and Meowser have never been closer, and they do everything together. One follows the other wherever they go, and their special bond is becoming more and more clear every day.


Crow said that every morning and every time he comes home, Meowser greets him with chips, purrs, and meows. They dress up, play hide-and-seek, and ride Noah’s hoverboard and Hot Wheels with him.

Noah and Meowser are almost never apart, and they have come up with the cutest way to sleep.



Noah and Meowser always go to bed or take a short nap together, and every time, Meowser chooses to sleep on top of Noah, giving him a big hug. It is the cutest thing ever and makes everyone smile…

… and it does not look like it will stop any time soon.


Crow said, “They have had a great relationship from the start.” When Noah lays down, Sir Meowsalot always lies on top of him.

No one has any doubt that Noah and Meowser will always be best friends because they have a strong bond that can not be broken.


Crow said, “If you ask Noah who his favorite person in the universe is, he will always say Sir Meowsalot, because he is more than a cat.”

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