This Creepy Family Picture Is Making People Freak Out


We enjoy having our picture taken as a family and it happens more often today than it ever has in the past. It is something that we appreciate because we can look back at a piece of our history and enjoy it over and over again.

Sometimes, however, the pictures we take as a family don’t turn out quite as good as we would like. This can include having somebody’s eyes shut or perhaps a younger child who is not participating in the picture as well as they could.

Then we have the picture of the family for you here today. It looks like a beautiful picture at first sight, as the family is spending some time together sitting on a bench and they are all smiles.

When you look closely at the picture, however, you begin to see something that is not quite right. Most people don’t recognize it at first but once you see it, you can’t help but wonder what was going on.

Look at the arm of the younger child on the left-hand side. There is a hand on the child but as you look across at the rest of the family, there is nowhere that it should be coming from.

Ever since the picture was shared online, people have been trying to figure out where the phantom arm was coming from. Some people feel that it is the hand of a ghost but there are also thoughts that are more realistic.


Others think that the child in the middle was added using Photoshop or some other picture and it is actually the mother’s arm.

Take a closer look for yourself and see if you can figure it out. Who knows, you may just be smarter than the Internet!

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