This Homeless Man Had a Stroke! Look What Did His 6 Stray Dogs


Luiz is a homeless guy from Paraná, Brazil, who lives on the streets in Cianorte City. He’s been homeless for for two decades and suffers from untreated psychological issues.

Luiz refuses to be treated by a doctor. In fact, he is insistent about not accepting any help at all.

However, despite the fact that Luiz appears to be lonely, he is not completely alone on his journey. Luiz is accompanied by a pack of six stray dogs that are his most devoted friends.

Luiz is followed by the dogs everywhere he goes, providing his safety. And when Luiz had a stroke one night, his canine companions were immediately by his side.
When Luiz collapsed, several bystanders summoned an ambulance. As the ambulance sped away with Luiz inside, the dogs followed closely behind.

While Luiz was inside the Santa Casa Hospital, the six puppies waited patiently outside. His closest friends wouldn’t leave him until they knew he was safe.
From the door, the dogs could be heard barking, and after a while, they laid down on the ground, settling in for the long haul. Witnesses at the hospital say it was an emotional moment to see.

Luiz was freed by a separate entrance, unaware that the dogs were waiting for him. He was transferred to his brother’s house, but the dogs remained outside the hospital, patiently waiting.
As a result, a caring volunteer decided to help Luiz by reconnecting him with the dogs. When the puppies realized that Luiz was safe, they were overjoyed and relieved – it was a lovely moment for everyone involved!
Luiz is accompanied by a pack of six stray dogs that are his most devoted companions.

What a wonderful story! It’s easy to understand why our beloved dogs are said to as man’s best companions.

Dogs have an intuitive sense of when a human requires their help. They have the ability to detect when someone is sad, unhappy, or ill, and if a dog looks after you, you may be sure that you will never be alone in your time of need.

We are really fortunate to share the world with such amazing, clever, and loyal creatures. Luiz, we’re sure, would agree!

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