This Italian hypercar has a silly name and pistols for door handles

Photo: Andrea Panisi for Frangivento Asfané DieciDieci

The name of this car makes very little sense, but it sounds tremendous.

Frangivento – the name of the company – is Italian for ‘windbreaking’ or ‘windbreaker’, and Asfané 1010 – the name of the car – means ‘it can’t be done’ in Turinese dialect.

So there you go, meet the Windbreaker Itcantbedone Ten Ten.

But name aside, this car has some insanely cool features that have never been seen before.

It’s built in Italy and equipped with a 5.4-litre V10 and two electric units, so it’s a hybrid, and it delivers 1,010 HP in total, which sounds good but sounds even better when you remember it only weighs 1,550 kg.

According to Frangivento, the inspiration came from the hull of a trimaran.

They even added pistol-shaped door handles so you have to ‘pull the trigger’ to open the door.

Apparently this is a tribute to the olden days of motorsports, when officials would fire a gun to signal the start of the race.

Apart from the weird door handles, it’s worth noting that this quirky hypercar is also fitted with significantly larger wheels at the rear (305/30 R21) and smaller wheels at the front (245/30 R19).

This hypercar will set you back around $1 million, and we think – for the door handles alone – it’s probably worth it!

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