Twenty-four Years Later. What the 52-year-old Lover of Imhotep Looks Like Now


Remember the pretty woman in Imhotep’s favorite photo, the one who won his heart? Anxunamun was a reluctant participant, yet her unique beauty stuck with many spectators and continues to this day. Patricia Velasquez updated her Instagram feed with new photos in honor of her 52nd birthday.

The model and actress from Venezuela had perfect figure and a young face when she was younger. “It’s unbelievable that 24 years have passed,”

“My initial love,” She really does appear older than her years. She seems to be ignoring everything, including grooming.

“Aged,” “Some celebrities appear much younger than she does,”

“Lovely Anxunamun,” “Excellent performer,” and “I preferred her to the protagonist” were among the remarks I came across beneath the recently released Velasquez images.

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