Two Sibling Pups Who Used To Live On The Streets Are Now Embracing The Comforts Of A Loving Home


After someone found them loitering on the side of the road, Kona and Oscar finally found what they so desperately needed. They need a loving family.

Two small brother puppies huddled on the sidewalk of a busy roadway in Palmdale, a Los Angeles County city situated in California, United States, possibly hoping someone would notice them and give to aid, because who lived on the chilly streets and ran being run over?

When the puppies attempted to cross the roadway, a woman noticed them and ran to their safety. After rescuing them, the kind Samaritan immediately phoned the rescue service MaeDay Rescue, and aid was on its way to save these vulnerable four-legged young ones.

The starving pups happily complied with their rescuers, and before long, they were already piled in the back seat of a car, ready to head off to safety where they could recuperate.

“They were both submissive, which made it easy to pick them up.” a MaeDay Rescue representative told The Dodo . “You could sense they were afraid, but they knew they’d be secure in the car,” he said. The puppies, eventually called Kona and Oscar, were able to completely relax once they were out of harm’s way, and their personalities began to emerge.

“Kona was a bit calmer and gave little kisses.” the rescue service representative said. “Whereas Oscar was a crazy, lively youngster who loves to get into anything.” he continued. “But they’re both really lovely and intelligent!” he continued.


The puppies healed swiftly from their experience and returned to their wonderfully lively ways, making them great prospects for adoption; all they needed was the perfect family.

Kona was the first to be adopted. “This adorable girl will never be dumped again.” the rescue service posted on Instagram. “Her new family is obsessed with her and has already surrounded her with so much love!” she continued.

Not long after, Oscar found his own home. “He loves his new family and is quite obsessed with his bigger brother.” MaeDay Rescue stated in another Instagram post. “This truly is the right home for him, and we are pleased to have been a part of his happy ending!” she said.

Though their narrative began in a terrible place, it’s evident that these brothers will never have to worry about surviving on their own again. They went from living on the chilly streets to enjoying the luxuries of home without a doubt.

Feel free to watch the video of his rescue:

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