What is this? How do you make use of it? Although we’ve never seen one like this, we believe it to be an antique can opener.


What is This Software?

A curious questioner asked about an unfamiliar tool suspected to be an aged can opener but had hardly ever observed one like it. Here’s a summary of several viewpoints and insights from individuals:

Identifying the Tool

Responses and Viewpoints:

  • York Nutcracker: One individual recognized it as a York nutcracker, reminiscing about applying it to crack pecans at their grandparents’ dwelling in Lubbock, TX, a position identified for prolific pecan trees.
  • Pecan Sheller: Another agreed, contacting it a pecan sheller.
  • Multipurpose Use: Some mentioned using it to cut Jolly Ranchers for a freeze dryer.
  • Other Guesses: Other ideas integrated nutcracker, nut sheller, Rocky Mountain oyster shucker, and a notary or translator’s resource for generating holes in papers.

Uncovering the Thriller

If you have arrive across an unfamiliar kitchen resource, it is purely natural to surprise about its reason and background. You suspect it is an aged can opener, but its style leaves you puzzled. Vintage can openers arrive in several types, quite a few on the lookout quite distinct from the types we use today. Let us delve into the earth of antique can openers to determine and realize the instrument you’ve located.

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Church Key Openers

Named right after their resemblance to huge keys employed in church buildings, these commonly have a pointed conclusion for piercing and a flat conclude for prying.

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How to Use It

  1. Examine the Device: Search at the style and moving areas. Discover any sharp edges, wheels, or levers that could possibly be utilised to pierce and cut the can.
  2. Pierce the Can: Most classic can openers get started with piercing the can. Location the pointed conclusion or blade on the can’s top rated edge and use stress to puncture it.
  3. Rotate or Lever: Depending on the variety, rotate a manage (like in a bunker or wheel can opener) or lever the blade all around the can (as in a lever-kind opener).
  4. Get rid of the Lid: Once the can is sufficiently opened, use the resource or your palms to meticulously lift off the lid. Beware of sharp edges.

Typical Styles and Their Usage

  • Key-Wind Can Openers: Insert the crucial into a tab on the can and flip. This rolls again a strip, making an opening.
  • Lever-Kind Can Openers: Just after puncturing, rock the take care of back and forth to minimize about the lid.
  • Bunker Can Openers: Clamp the tool on to the can, squeeze the handles, and rotate to slash the lid.
  • Church Important Openers: Use the pointed end to puncture and the flat stop to pry open up the can.


Pinpointing and employing vintage tools can be each fascinating and sensible. The outdated can opener you’ve found showcases the ingenuity of earlier kitchen area resource layouts. By comprehension its mechanics and correct utilization, you can value its historical value and possibly even put it back again to get the job done. If your can opener does not match these descriptions, consult with antique kitchenware guides or search for help from a classic software pro. Joyful can opening!

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