What This Beautiful And Astonishing Actress From The 1980s Looks Like Today


Melanie Griffith is one of the famous actresses who has gained attention with her beauty. She has had an active life and many interesting stories. Her romantic life has made everyone curious to know more about the actress. She has had beautiful but also difficult moments in her life. Griffith was an attractive woman. Not only fans but also many of her colleagues were in love with Griffith’s beauty.

She was born in New York and has had an active life. She has faced three divorces, experienced a car accident, and had problems with alcohol addiction. Melanie Griffith grew up with lions, tigers, and elephants. She spent her childhood in California and was very close to her lion Neil. They spent most of the time together.

At the age of 14, she fell in love with Don Johnson and at the age of 18, they were engaged. Her mother described them as beautiful people who had wonderful relationships. They got married in 1976 and divorced very soon. However, they resumed their romance in 1989.

Melanie Griffith has played in different movies and one of them is Roar. But something unusual happened on the set. The lion injured Melanie during filming. He injured his eye and the actress could lose her sight. In 1989, she was nominated for an Oscar and this was an important moment for the actress. This year, her relationship with Steven Bauer ended.
The actress got back into a romance with Don Johnson and the couple divorced in 1996. They welcomed a daughter named Dakota Johnson together in 1989.

The actress also spoke about her relationship with Antonio Banderas. They met during the filming of the movie Two Much and got married a few years later. She had children with Banderas and became stepfather to Melanie’s children from previous marriages.

They had a beautiful marriage and Dakota has always accepted that Banderas loved Melanie. Melanie divorced the actor in 2014, but they still maintain their relationship. They spent a very nice time together and for Banderas, these were his happiest and most beautiful years. Melanie was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2010, and also years later she discovered she was suffering from cancer.

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