Woman Falls Through Window, Exposes Herself, Then Wets Herself


Videos go viral for different reasons but sometimes, they go viral for all the right reasons. That is what happened in an unlikely situation where far too many things went wrong at the same time.

More than 20 million people have watched the now viral clip after it was posted online. It shows a woman trying to climb in through a window when she falls, exposes herself, and has everybody laughing.

More than likely, you have seen this clip at least one time but now, the woman in the video has come forward to say there is more to the story. Lisa Rowland found herself in this situation when she locked herself out of the house.

She and her sister were trying to get back in but in order to do so, Lisa had to climb through a window. As she started to go through the window headfirst, with her sister helping her, she fell forward and ended up hanging upside down.

That is when the top of her dress came down completely and her boobs were hanging out. To top it off, they were pressed up against the window and anyone passing by had a free show.

Her sister’s partner was there to take the video. They didn’t ask him, but he knew they always had problems so he made sure to hit record when it all started. You can hear him laughing as well as her sister in the video.

Laughter is contagious and the laughter in this video goes on and it’s hard not to laugh along. One person that you might think wasn’t laughing was Lisa, but she actually had a good viewpoint of it.

She said that she was out shopping when she stopped in to use the bathroom and forgot her keys. The problem was, she had to go to the bathroom when she was climbing through the window so she actually wet herself.

She said, “I weed on my neck, yeah, I couldn’t move, hanging like a bat.”

Lisa was unaware that the video was on Facebook but eventually, she saw it, she was also happy that plenty of people left positive comments and found it to be funny.

She said that she loves a bit of humor and then showed viewers that she now wears her keys on a string around her neck so this doesn’t happen again.

I guess we all live and learn.


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