Woman Opens A Corgi Cafe After A Surprise Litter Of Pups And The Photos Are Too Adorable


By: Anuradha

We don’t need many things to be happy. Having a warm café in a nice place is such a simple pleasure that many of us are longing to have and that experience would be more delightful if we have some lovely puppies to surround ourselves with!

A cafe in Bangkok, Thailand is giving you the chance to make that dream realized. This cafe is named as Corgi in the Graden and as soon as you open their doors, 12 adorable corgis would run to welcome you. The owner of the café is Tanchanok Kanawaong and she is a huge fan of these puppies.

There’s a cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, with 12 adorable Corgis and it’s as cute as it sounds.

Speaking about her cafe she said “I love big dogs and used to have up to 10 Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers at the same time. When they grew old and passed away, I looked for dogs with similar characteristics, only smaller in size and decided to get a baby boy Corgi.”

Image source: corgiinthegarden

After some time she got another corgi and with time she adopted five. These corgis gave birth to new ones enlarging her family and now she is a proud owner of twelve. However, at that time she did not have any idea to include them in her cafe.

The owner hadn’t planned on running a dog cafe, but a surprise litter of pups meant Tanchanok can now share the joy that the pack brings with her customers.

Image source: petchsworld

“It was at that time when the idea of seeing them running around and sharing their energy came to me.”.

Porkchop, Pumpkin, Salmon, Bean, Babycorn, and the other pups seem to really enjoy the attention as well. Not to mention all the treats.

Many clients were awed by the love given by corgis and soon they became a part of the cafe. All the puppies loved the attention they got throughout the day and more than anything they could get several treats throughout the day! Kanawaong hired a professional trainer to train her puppies some useful gestures like handshaking and she is also very much concerned about their health. She makes them run in the garden of the cafe at least three times of the day and therefore, they are maintaining good health as well.

They keep themselves healthy by running in the garden of the cafe at least three times a day.

The cafe is open six days a week. 12.00 to 18.00 on Tuesday – Friday and 10.00 – 18:00 on Saturday – Sunday. Each day, the cafe organizes one-hour sessions for 50 customers (22 tables) to meet with the doggos costing around $11 per person.

The cafe works six days a week, organizing one-hour sessions for customers to meet with the doggies.

The owner said this routine allows the little critters to have some nap time in between and would not exhaust them. “The 1-hour gaps between the sessions allow them to rest,” Kanawaong said. “Every morning they’ll be running in the backyard, and come back for grooming to get ready for the sessions.”

Image source: zommarie

The owner said this $11 routine allows the little critters to have some nap time and would not exhaust them.

There are two breeds of corgis; Pembroke and Cardigan. The cafe is the home for Pembroke and according to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, it is believed that Pembroke corgis’ ancestry dates back to at least the 10th century.

Speaking further, Kanawaong said “I would also like to add that the well-being of the Corgis has always been our priority, so we’ve set up some playing rules. Because we have limited seating, we can’t accept reservations and provide first come, first served service to walk-in customers only. More details can be found on our official Facebook Page.”

So, you can also include this cafe in your ‘must visit list’ for sure!

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