Woman wakes up to find stray dog sitting on her porch, helps him find a new home


Walker settled down on Amy’s porch, lounging on her patio furniture and showing no signs of moving. She took care of the puppy and set out to find him a home as a result.❤️

Unexpected ways in which animals enter our lives do occur occasionally. Numerous people have come across stray dogs or cats and asked for assistance, as they were in need of affection and a place to call home.

That was the situation for one woman, who set out to find a wonderful new home for a dog that had taken up residence on her porch.

When Amy Haden’s daughter told her there was a dog on their back porch early one morning, she was taken aback. Amy didn’t give this much thought at first because the family owns two dogs.

However, she soon realized that this was not the dog she had previously seen, and he was contentedly settling down on her patio chairs.

Recalling the moment she saw the dog waiting on a chair, Amy said to Good Morning America, “It’s like he had taken up residence.” “He just never left, making himself right at home on the cushions.”

The family discovered the dog in the same spot, unwilling to move, day after day, indicating that he was obviously content with his current location.

The puppy was obviously in need of some assistance, so Amy started taking care of him and looking for his family by posting updates on Facebook and contacting the local community.

Although he wasn’t microchipped and no one had claimed him, several neighbors had spotted him around town. Amy stated, “I have no idea what his name is, where he’s been, or where he came from.”

The puppy was given the name Walker (Amy claimed she allowed TikTok to do so), and throughout the following few months, Amy’s family continued to provide for him.

They came to the realization that Walker wasn’t going to find their “forever family” though. The newcomer did not get along with Amy’s two dogs, who she owned. Instead, she began the process of finding Walker a long-term residence.

Walker’s ideal new owner, a “little old lady” who had been waiting impatiently for a puppy, was thankfully quickly identified by Amy.

“She was very kind,” Amy said on GMA. “She said we were the answer to her prayers and that she had been praying for a dog like him.”

This adorable dog chose the perfect porch to curl up on. Walker is now at last in a loving home of his own, thanks to this generous family.

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