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A man adopts a mutt from the streets, only to discover her true breed as she grows older, solidifying their bond and celebrating their unique connection.


She waѕ a wonderfᴜl animal and had a great perѕonality, bᴜt he neνer knew exactly what kind of dog ѕhe waѕ.

… ᴜntil ѕhe ѕtarted to grow. Growing ᴜp, Phoebe tᴜrned oᴜt to be a mix of hᴜѕky and golden retrieνer.

The more ѕhe grew and became taller, the more νiѕible it became. In the end, the reѕᴜlt waѕ aѕ ѕhown here.

Thiѕ iѕ another example of a Hᴜѕky/Golden Retrieνer mix. Leѕѕ flᴜffy than Phoebe, bᴜt ѕtill beaᴜtifᴜl. Look at thoѕe eyeѕ!

What a ѕpecial reѕcᴜe Phoebe iѕ! Iѕn’t ѕhe the bomb?

Guided by love! A loyal Malamute serves as the eyes for its blind Husky friend, showcasing unwavering devotion.


Adog’s bond knows no bounds, and it’s not just reserved for humans. In the case of Siberian husky Sterling and Alaskan Malamute Walker, the best dog friends have become even closer as Sterling has needed some extra help from his family. Nearly four years ago, the Siberian husky was diagnosed with glaucoma—a condition that caused him to go blind. Now, Walker is acting as Sterling’s unofficial guide dog.

Lillian and Martin McKee are the pup’s loving owners. “The boys are very bonded and have been for a very long time,” Lillian shares with My Modern Met. “They are both rescues and were rescued from Texas Sled Dog Rescue when I lived in Houston about a year apart from each other. They are also about a year apart in age.”

In June 2018, Lillian and Martin noticed that Sterling’s eyes were starting to get cloudy, and he was diagnosed with the eye condition after that. “Sterling took it like a champ,” Lillian recalls. “We actually went hiking right after the diagnosis. We promised Sterling that his life would not change with the diagnosis but I was terrified that I would not be able to keep that promise. As Sterling’s vision started to fade, we fought the inevitable blindness that would come with canine glaucoma.” For 18 months, they fought to preserve Sterling’s sight and even incorporated RexSpecs—goggles made specifically for dogs—in order to protect his eyes.

Siberian husky Sterling and Alaskan Malamute Walker are the best of dog friends.

In June 2018, Sterling was diagnosed with canine glaucoma, which caused him to lose his sight.

Luckily, he had Walker and his human parents Lillian and Martin by his side.

They bought him special dog goggles in order to help protect his vision.

With Walker as his unofficial guide dog and his parents by his side, Sterling is still able to do the things he loves…

…including outdoor adventures around the Pacific Northwest.

With unwavering devotion, a loving grandpa constructs a cart to take his sick senior dog on daily walks, cherishing every precious moment together.


Tonino Vitale lives in Italy, and he loves his labrador pup Dylan to the moon and back.

At 13-years-old, Dylan has led a long life. And unfortunately, the years have left their mark on his body.

When Vitale noticed that Dylan was becoming less energetic, he took his beloved pup to vet.

There, Dylan was diagnosed with arthritis.

Arthritis is a condition which affects the joints and is unfortunately quite common in older dogs.

Arthritis causes pain and discomfort in one or several joints and often leads to joint stiffness and difficulty moving.

For Vitale, Dylan’s diagnosis was a stark reminder that the sweet pup wouldn’t live forever.

Vitale decided to start taking Dylan out on a special walk each day to make his remaining time on earth has happy as possible.

Because of his arthritis, it was becoming too painful and exhausting for Dylan to go on a long walk by himself, but Vitale had a plan.

Vitale built a cart for Dylan to lie on, and then he wheeled Dylan and the cart around and let the pup enjoy the fresh air and exciting scenery.

And soon after Vitale started taking Dylan out for his daily “walk”, he noticed that the senior pup seemed to become more alert and happy.

The love and dedication Vitale shows his pup has not gone unnoticed, and one of his neighbours managed to capture a video of the sweet pair one day.

We all want to see more people like Vitale in the world!

Source: justsomething.co

A heroic Husky saves a newborn baby’s life by finding him in the park after his mother leaves him there alone, exemplifying the extraordinary acts of bravery and resourcefulness dogs are capable of.


We have heard many interesting stories about dogs, about their special ability to help people in need.

There are so many heroic dogs, who deserve our attention and praise.

The brave and clever dog Husky saved the life of a newborn baby by walking with her owner in the park.

The baby was absolutely alone.

Terry Walsh were walking with his dog  in one of their beloved places.

Suddenly, the dog started to act in a strange way. She noticed something under the bushes. Hel run to that way, apparently she found something.

His owner rushed to investigate, as he heard some noise that sounds like a cry of a baby.

Apparently, the baby was slept, and his dog woke him up, then he started to cry.

Terry was  shocked, as soon as he saw a baby rolled in a blanket. The dog stand next to the baby.

Luckily, the baby was alive. The retired man called immediately police, who took the little soul to the hospital.

The baby was in good condition, who was named George.

Police later informed, that, unfortunately, they couldn’t find the mother of the baby, but they continue their searching with hope to find her and witness  the happy reunite of little George and her mother.

An elderly dog who is deaf and partially blind guards a lost little girl for 15 hours, aiding rescuers in finding her and showcasing the unwavering loyalty and protective nature of our furry companions.


The family reported the disappearance of three-year-old Aurora to the police.

According to her relatives, the girl left the house alone and disappeared.

The police began searching the wooded area and hills around the Southern Downs in Queensland, but could not find any trace of the girl.

On Saturday morning, more than a hundred volunteers of the State Emergency Service and residents of the city joined the work.

Only by eight o’clock did they manage to find Aurora, who spent about 15 hours on the top of a hill densely overgrown with bushes.

The first weak voice of the girl was heard by Aurora’s grandmother, Leisa Bennett.

She rushed to the top of the hill, where she saw a dog who showed her the way to the girl.

It was a 17-year-old deaf and almost blind dog, Max.

It turned out that the dog spent the whole night next to Aurora, warming her with his body and waiting for help to come to her.

Despite the cool and humid weather, the girl was not injured, apart from dehydration and a couple of scratches.

Aurora smelled strongly of a dog because she slept all night hugging Max.

According to the police report, the missing girl was found two kilometers from the house within the private property that belonged to her family.

Despite the relatively close distance, the search for Aurora was fraught with difficulties. Because the house is located in a mountainous and densely overgrown area.

Volunteers had to move very carefully, avoiding steep slopes covered with shrubs and moss.

According to the police, the girl was very lucky that she did not get hurt and survived.

Aurora’s family is very grateful to Max for not abandoning the girl and helping to save her.

For his heroism, he was awarded the title of “honorary police dog.”

Buried in Loneliness: Rescuer’s Tearful Discovery of a Dog Trapped, Uncovering a Heartrending Bond


He saved all their lives ❤️

Earlier this week, while working on a remote farm in Turkey, veterinarian Soner Büyümez heard a sound in the distance that he couldn’t ignore. It was a desperate sound, like a cry for help.

“I immediately ran to the spot,” Büyümez told The Dodo. “There had been a landslide. I saw a dog was trapped in the ground. Only her head remained [above the soil].”

The dog was in distress. But, as Büyümez would soon come to learn, she wasn’t concerned for her life alone.

“When I first saw her, it was very upsetting,” Büyümez said.

He knew he had to act.

Quickly fetching a shovel, Büyümez began to dig.

As Büyümez moved the dirt trapping the dog, another sound struck his ears. The sound was faint but unmistakable.

“I heard the cry of puppies,” Büyümez said. “They were under the ground.”

When the first dog was safely removed, Büyümez began to dig once more in order to save her babies.

All told, Büyümez saved seven puppies who’d been buried alive after their underground burrow caved in — much to the relief of their worried mother.

Thanks to Büyümez’s quick thinking, the furry family was now safe and sound.

Büyümez believes the mother dog was a stray, surviving on her own in that desperate spot. But now, she and her babies will be alone no longer.

“Their general condition is very good. The mother and her puppies protected,” Büyümez said. “I will care for them as my own.”

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Adorable Moments: Smallest Pitbull Puppy Melts Hearts as It Snuggles Up to Daddy


The young puppy Annabelle instantly grasped what she liked for her new master. When she was lifted into his arms for the first time, the sweetness knew no bounds.

At just three weeks old, Annabelle decided she was daddy’s girl. Her technique of demonstrating her love has been viewed by millions and hits straight to the heart.

“It’s like a bond that you can’t really define,” Annabelle’s father told GeoAnimals.

Annabelle’s biological mother was surrendered at a local shelter a week before she was supposed to give birth to her puppies.

So instead of giving birth at the dog shelter, animal enthusiasts chose to intervene and take care of the pregnant bitch at the home.

Gave birth to 12 healthy puppies
The bitch gave birth to 12 healthy puppies. One of them was named Annabelle.

The family had no intention of keeping any of the puppies but fell head over heels for little Annabelle. So too for her brother Norman.

“She is the most gorgeous girl, with blue eyes,” stated her teacher.

“He growled at Annabelle, and she just loved him and wanted to kiss his face. When she wants love and attention, it’s dad. They are like two peas in a pod,” observed mum.

Good bond with his brother
Yet Annabelle also has an extraordinarily strong bond with her brother Norman.

They were drawn to each other already at birth and Annabelle was able to climb over her ten siblings to be near to Norman.

And when they are apart, they develop separation anxiety. Once while Annabelle was going to the vet, Norman was sitting at the window gazing after her. He didn’t move from the area till Annabelle was back home.

Still daddy’s girl

Today, Annabella has grown up and become a big girl. Yet even though she is substantially bigger than she was the first time she was cuddled by her master, she is still daddy’s girl.

Watch more of the first hug and their wonderful bond in the video below.

Abandoned Pup Was Fighting for Survival, and How Could We Abandon Him in Such a Predicament


The bikers were passing by without any care. He tried to stand up but he couldn’t!

According to Little Puppy – Rescue Channel, the rescue came to know about a dog that someone noticed near a pet-market. They went to the place as fast as they could despite heavy traffic.

They were surprised to find the dog lying obviously lifeless on the ground and the folks were simply watching the drama! They weren’t convinced of his death so they tried giving him CPR but his soul had already fled.

A passerby informed them about a puppy that was presumably his brother. The rescue squad rushed to the informed place. They observed a puppy lying on the ground and drinking sewer water.

They couldn’t control tears! The motorcycles were going by without any care. He tried to rise up but he couldn’t! His leg was experiencing some trouble — maybe broken!

They cover him with a blanket and took him straight the Vet Clinic and there, they gived him some food and took care of him.

His rear leg was seriously injurt but through care and exercise he will mend and run again.

Watch the video to witness the miserable condition of the puppy!

Despite being unable to open its eyes, the unfortunate dog persists in battling to survive in a world devoid of emotion


Meet Aadam! According to Paws Show youtube channel he was discovered almoste dead. He completely fell on the street and had little hope of survival. He was dying…
Aadam was severely unwell and famished. Perhaps, the baby has been ignored for several days. One of his worst aches is a broken bone.

Rescuers transported him directly to the clinic.

Small dog, around 3 months old, his life was completely devastated. Broken both hind legs. He was also assaulted by ticks. Immediately vets ran tests, ultrasound of the abdomen and heart, x-rays. They will endeavor to rescue all 4 feet.

Aadam had surgery at night. Although the surgery was tough and lengthy, everything went according to plan. Wounds must be treated and kept clean. Aadam has been treated for parasites, vaccinations.

Aadam is still at the begining of the journey to recovery. Aadam needs special treatment and continuous evaluation by a surgeon.

After everything adam walks again…

“Let Aadam stroll like that now. I am so happy to watch the wonderful improvements of the baby. It’s incredible! So happy we met him, now he is a happy baby and he has his whole life ahead of him.” Julia Yup I his recuer stated.

Some fantastic news came next for the worthy pooch, which you can see in the video below. We adore a happy ending!

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From Tragedy to Happiness: The Remarkable Journey of the World’s Ugliest Dog, Bitten by His Mother


All animals are lovely equally, each one has its specific qualities that define it from the others and make it a unique entity.

Newt is a puppy whose face is notable for having the look of a “grumpy old man” , due to a massive scar on him that his mother gave him at birth. She bit his face when he was a cub , thus he lost the entire top of his snout to him.

His first owners transferred him to the New York Bully Crew shelter in Texas, USA, due to how expensive medical treatment was for him, but as one door shuts, another opens. That’s how Newt got a new family due to Liesl Wildhart, who adopted him.

Liesl is the creator of Luvable Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary , an adoptive home for rescued dogs . The first thing the lady did was alter her or her dog’s name , it moved from being named Brute to Newt , and she brought it with her to her residence located in the city of Eugene, belonging to the state of Oregon (USA) (USA).

It was because to social media that Liesl met Newt , and chose to adopt him as soon as she saw him. “They uploaded images and videos of him on her Instagram account. That’s where I saw it for the first time and I liked it. I wanted to adopt Newt as a personal dog ,” the entrepreneur told Metro .

Newt has two dog brothers , called Picasso and Wacku , who formerly resided with Liesl. In addition to an Instagram account where you may view his travels with others.

At first it was tough for him to adapt to the changes, but presently he enjoys a full and happy life with his owner and the other puppies . His face got a surgery that left him appearing like an amphibian and a “grumpy old guy”, as he has been called on social networks, but with much affection.

There are things he requires help with, like feeding , but it’s not an issue because his owner is always there for him. “I have to hand feed everything he eats because he has a hard time putting food into his mouth, and you also can’t let him eat too much at one time or he’ll spew it up,” Liesl told Metro.

Both Newt and his siblings have disfigurements on their faces. Wacku lost his snout and Picasso’s face is deformed . “Newt was a fantastic fit for my family of dogs, and everyone enjoyed him from the start. He is extremely lively and goofy like a normal puppy, but also clever and respectful to the other dogs ,” Liesl stated to the same publication .

Newt’s owner likes pups like her own because they live life to the fullest when given a home and “don’t feel sorry for themselves or ponder about what they’ve lost,” as she noted in the interview .